There’s more to dust sheets than meets the eye

We are a wholesale supplier of quality dustsheets, catering to builders’ merchants, DIY superstores, plumbing suppliers and small independent stores including painting and decorating centres.

You might think there’s not much to know about dustsheets, but choosing the wrong one can turn a simple job into a trade nightmare. That’s why we offer a comprehensive selection of dustsheets and covers in synthetics, cotton, polythene and more – so whether you’re working with paint or plumbing, protecting carpet, wooden floors, laminate, or even on staircases, there is a suitable dust sheet for the job.

What’s more our extensive specialist range includes; antislip dust sheets, bespoke made to measure dust sheets, company branded dust covers, car covers and machine dust covers. We can cover all your requirements.

Sliprotex: non-slip, absorbent, and protective

We understand that health and safety is a key requirement in many industries today – particularly in trade, construction and delivery. By investing in research and innovative materials, we are making life easier for professionals, offering non-slip dustsheets that won’t pose a trip hazard even when placed on carpeted stairs.

Sliprotex is a reusable, self-adherent, fabric-structured dustsheet that saves time. No need to tape down edges to reduce trip hazards; it has natural adhesion to all surfaces, without causing damage to carpet, laminate, wood or tiles. Plus, it’s the ideal solution for delivery and removal companies looking to protect flooring as they transport heavy items. It even boasts a water-absorbent top layer, which is perfect for those working in the utility service industry whilst maintaining and servicing their customer plumbing and heating systems.

Sliprotex can even be printed with your corporate branding or logo. Ask us for a quote on this unique material today.

Cotton dustsheets

Dust sheet

Cotton dust sheets are ideal for protecting flooring, but in recent years the quality of cotton covers has gone downhill, largely due to the soaring cost of the raw material. This has seen sheets become thinner, more porous and more expensive. We will review your individual requirements and recommend the ideal quality made to measure cotton or synthetic dust sheets, that meet your needs and help you protect with complete confidence at a very competitive price.

If you’re under-whelmed by the amount of choice out there in the market, talk to our experts, to help you find the bespoke product right for you. For example, our extensive range offers joiners and glazers 100% utility cotton calico, a tightly woven sheet, perfect for catching fine dust; while professional decorators will love our heavy duty cotton twill or canvas dust sheet for total confidence in its protective properties.

DIY stores and trade suppliers will profit from having a wide selection of covers and dust sheets on offer to cater for their diverse range of customers.

A note for using dustsheets

Whether you are a competent tradesman or a hopeful DIYer, follow this advice… Whichever dust sheet you choose, go for the highest quality – a little outlay now could save you hundreds of pounds in property damage or contents damage later on.

Looking for a quote? Don’t delay… contact us for a quote today.